VBKI DIGITAL aims to help shape a future-oriented digital economy and pave new paths with creative approaches. The VBKI Digital sees itself as a driving force, advisory body and think tank. 

Norman Bernhardt, Claudio Kühn, Lars Löhn, Maik Ludewig and Hubertus von Roenne launched VBKI DIGITAL in 2023 together with the VBKI team led by Ute Weiland and Philipp Zettl. 

VBKI DIGITAL offers not only VBKI members, but also stakeholders from business, culture and politics a network to promote the digital development of Berlin and Brandenburg. With our expertise, we would like to advise decision-makers on how to actively shape the urgently needed digital transformation. 

The fact is that we are experiencing a fundamental change of a disruptive nature: data hubs, IoT, smart cities, AI and mixed reality have one thing in common: they make the state and the economy more efficient, sustainable and productive if they are understood, designed and used correctly.

We at VBKI DIGITAL are involved in two formats: 

We organize events on current digitalization topics - so that expertise can be shared and ideas for application can be exchanged in Berlin.

And we support specific projects on a voluntary basis with our experience and expertise. We make sure that the projects can be implemented in a timely manner and have a recognizable priority for Berlin companies or citizens. 

We welcome any reinforcement that, like us, wants to actively advance our city of Berlin in terms of digitalization. At the end of September 2023, Berlin's State Secretary Martina Klement met with VBKI DIGITAL to discuss the priorities of the Berlin Senate. This exchange will now continue on a regular basis. 


If you would like to get involved, please contact Claudio Kühn or Philipp Zettl. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Norman Bernhardt

VBKI Digital Projects

Digitalization and data strategy | AI, IoT, visualizations



Dr. Claudio Kühn

VBKI-Digital members

Digital transformation | Innovative companies and start-ups | Venture capital | Law

Lawyer KXP


Lars Löhn

VBKI-Digital Events

Web development, commerce, marketing, mixed reality | innovation + SMEs + politics

Managing Director Loehn Digital


Maik Ludewig

VBKI-Digital Deputy Spokesman

Digitalization and transformation | data, tech, commerce, eGovernment | bridge startups + SMEs + politics

Managing Director Oetker Digital


Dr. Hubertus von Roenne

VBKI Digital Speaker

20 years of leadership roles in tech (AOL, BT) | Digital transformation with focus on data economy

Founder and board member of Digitize Berlin - Connect Europe

Philipp Zettl

Project manager Policy

Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller (VBKI)