Gallery dinner 2020

Gallery dinner 2020

Clara Brörmann & Anne Schwarz at Schwarz Contemporary

... an important, even exemplary contribution to the gallery scene in Berlin.

It is not without good reason that Berlin is considered one of the most important gallery locations in Europe and a hotspot for contemporary visual arts. In over 300 Berlin galleries, around 5000 artists present their works of art to the interested public. Galleries are commercial enterprises; they also promote artists with their work. Reason enough for the VBKI-Preis BERLINER GALERIEN, which he launched with the Berlin State Association of Galleries (lvbg) in 2017 and which is supported by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

It is a nice tradition that the award winners invite the VBKI to a dinner at their gallery. This year, the VBKI was hosted by the SCHWARZ CONTEMPORARY gallery in Neukölln. The work of gallery owner Anne Schwarz, who exhibits painting, sculpture and photography, was also honored because she makes an important, even exemplary contribution to the gallery scene in Berlin. Anne Schwarz was joined by artist Clara Brörmann, whose works were shown exclusively at the dinner evening before they set off for an exhibition in China. For all those who are interested in seeing Clara Brörmann at Galerie Schwarz Contemporary: From June 12, her works will be on display in Sanderstraße. A successful evening that whets the appetite for the 2020 Gallery Award.

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