7 billion tablets

 7 billion tablets

VBKI on the road visiting BERLIN-CHEMIE at the Adlershof site

7 billion tablets, medical juices and suppositories per year - BERLIN-CHEMIE AG is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Berlin as a healthcare location - we had the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the pharmaceutical company in Adlershof.

Member of the Executive Board Dr. Christian Matschke began the tour by giving us an insight into the eventful history of the long-established Berlin-based company BERLIN-CHEMIE AG - from its foundation in 1890 to its takeover by Schering in the 1920s. Shortly after German reunification, the company experienced a particularly difficult phase in its history. The workforce shrank from 6,000 to just 1,000 employees. A positive turning point was the decision of the largest Italian pharmaceutical company, the Menarini Group, to take over BERLIN-CHEMIE in order to open up the German and Eastern European markets. This was in 1992, and since then the traditional pharmaceutical manufacturer has been run as a family business as part of the Menarini Group.

Today, the more than 5,000 employees produce around 7 billion tablets, medicinal juices and suppositories per year. The internationally oriented company supplies medicines all over the world and has its own subsidiaries in more than 25 countries. Its presence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is particularly strong, with almost 70 percent of production going to this region.

As a major player in Berlin's healthcare sector, BERLIN-CHEMIE also had a special responsibility during the coronavirus crisis: in December 2020, the Senate Department of Health approached BERLIN-CHEMIE with a request to set up a vaccination center. In a very short time, the company helped set up the "Vaccination Center in the Arena" in Treptow-Köpenick and ensured its continued operation. A great success, according to Dr. Matschke, and proof of the determination and solidarity of Berliners.

What's next for the pandemic? A forecast is difficult at the moment. However, it is clear that the virus is weighing heavily on the business location. Especially as the coronavirus crisis is not the only challenge: climate change and the switch to renewable energy sources, demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers, the digital transformation - all of these megatrends involve an enormous need for investment, which BERLIN-CHEMIE, which faces international competition, is also clearly feeling. Nevertheless, the company will remain loyal to Berlin as one of the last major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

In view of the major challenges, Dr. Matschke called on all representatives of Berlin's economy - associations, established companies and start-ups - to move closer together. The shortage of skilled workers and young talent, the lack of affordable housing, general inflation and massive cost increases for raw materials and gas/energy as a result of the energy transition and the digital transformation are all issues that the entire economy needs to address, he said

During the subsequent tour of the company premises, the participants had the rare opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the city.


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