New Work on the golf course

New Work on the golf course

Entrepreneur meeting: VBKI and Berliner Morgenpost present the start-up GOLFBLOCKS

How can New Work and sport be combined? Carolina Hinrichsen formulated an answer to this question when she founded GOLFBLOCKS in spring 2021. The Berlin start-up enables co-working on the edge of golf courses. The founder presented her business idea at the entrepreneur meeting in cooperation with Berliner Morgenpost. Christine Richter, editor-in-chief of the Berliner Morgenpost, moderated the discussion.

Carolina Hinrichsen used her experience as a golfer and her passion for sales to build a bridge between New Work and the niche topic of golf with GOLFBLOCKS. Together with architects and specialists from the exhibition stand construction industry, she developed a modular stone and glass construction that can be purchased or leased by golf clubs in the form of a container. These so-called Goldblocks are used to create co-working spaces with a view of the golf course in clubhouses and open spaces. The offer is aimed on the one hand at companies that want to offer attractive workspaces, and on the other hand at golf clubs that want to increase the productivity of their facilities and compensate for lower capacity utilization in the winter months, for example.

The GOLFBLOCKS business model is based on three pillars: Design, project services and marketing. For the latter, Carolina Hinrichsen runs targeted campaigns on social media. She also hosts the golf business podcast "Zuhause bei Golfblocks", in which she shares insights from her start-up and talks about topics such as "sustainable construction", "the changing golf industry" and "elite sport meets popular sport".

Carolina Hinrichsen founded GOLFBLOCKS exclusively with her own funds so that she could build up her company without pressure. The start-up now has seven employees. Last year, the founder focused on launching the brand, now she is starting her business and wants to be in the black in three to five years.

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