Administrative modernization must not fall victim to the Berlin election campaign

Administrative modernization must not fall victim to the Berlin election campaign

Joint press release by VBKI, Stiftung Zukunft Berlin, IHK Berlin and AIV

The major problems of Berlin's administration are a constant burden for all people living here and one of Berlin's biggest locational disadvantages. Citizens and businesses suffer from unclear responsibilities, ping-pong between authorities, slow processes and a lack of responsibility.

The signatories (Stiftung Zukunft Berlin, IHK Berlin, VBKI and AIV) addressed the public in November with a broad alliance from civil society. This consensus paper has already urged the rapid implementation of the key data discussed. On 7 February, the Berlin Senate will now discuss the key points of administrative modernization at the request of Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey. State Secretary Dr. Ralf Kleindiek, Chief Digital Officer of the state of Berlin, has developed the key points in recent months together with civil society stakeholders. They propose a two-stage process in which amendments to the Berlin administrative structure will initially be made in 2023 and 2024.

The Berlin Senate should therefore at least agree on the main features of a reform and the further process involving the 12 districts at its meeting. There is currently a window of opportunity for substantial progress in the administrative reform. A postponement, on the other hand, would be an indictment of all those who want to bear responsibility in Berlin. Our great city deserves better administration!

We very much welcome the fact that administrative modernization is finally picking up speed with the presentation of a key issues paper. Berlin cannot afford to put this reform project on the back burner any longer. 

 We therefore expect the parties not to sacrifice the reform project to the Berlin election campaign, but to pursue it with determination and speed. 


Dr. Dr. h.c. Markus Dröge, Spokesman of the Board of the Stiftung Zukunft Berlin, retired bishop

Sebastian Stietzel, President of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce 

Markus Voigt, President of the Association of Berlin Merchants and Industrialists (VBKI)

Tobias Nöfer, Chairman of the Board of the Architects' and Engineers' Association of Berlin-Brandenburg (AIV)

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