A fighter's nature

A fighter's nature

Q&A lunch with series founder Miriam Wohlfarth

She is one of the best-known personalities on the digital scene. In 2009, at the age of 39, she founded the payment service provider Ratepay, which now employs over 300 people and has "unicorn" status. Miriam Wohlfarth answered questions from around 25 participants in the China Club at the Q&A lunch, a networking format for female managers at the VBKI. VBKI Managing Director Ute Weiland moderated the event.

The topic of the discussion, which was very inspiring from the outset, was "Resilience in times of crisis". Miriam Wohlfarth provided the panel with some very personal insights into the highs and lows that have shaped her life. There were moments early on in her career when she had to learn to deal with unforeseen challenges - such as a pregnancy at a young age. She also always had to overcome her fear of speaking in public.

Leaving routines behind, trying out new things, accepting challenges. For Miriam Wohlfarth, resilience is synonymous with a willingness to change 


Miriam Wohlfarth also had to overcome major life crises. In particular, her cancer - which she has now completely overcome - at a time when she was involved in a legal dispute with her co-founder brought her to the brink of collapse. She puts the fact that she was able to free herself from this crisis down to her positive attitude - and the self-confidence that her parents instilled in her.

The bottom line is that it has always helped her to remain curious and open to new things and to overcome personal fears instead of avoiding them. The serial founder - in addition to Ratepay, Miriam Wohlfarth founded the fintech company Banxware together with Jens Röhrborn in 2020 - also leads her employees with this attitude. She encourages them to abandon routines, try out new things and take on challenges. For her, resilience is synonymous with a willingness to change. In order to turn the successes of the past into the successes of the future, a high degree of flexibility is needed - especially in these turbulent times. And, of course, the ability to overcome hurdles and resistance.


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