Gallery tour at the Charlottenwalk

Out and about in Charlottenburg with Susanne Burmehl and Anne Schwarz

Text Katja Bartz | Events Officer


Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is currently home to one of the liveliest and fastest growing gallery scenes in Berlin. Many well-known galleries together with young, as yet unknown galleries make for an extraordinarily exciting location for contemporary art. VBKI members toured Charlottenburg's art scene with Anne Schwarz, winner of the 2019 VBKI Berlin Galleries Award, and Susanne Burmehl, Managing Director of Charlottenwalk.

Trees" photographed by Michel Kenna were on display in Susanne Albrecht's gallery. Michael Kenna is one of the most renowned landscape photographers and is known for his analog black and white photographs.

Max Hetzler presented sculptures by Hans Josephsohn in his gallery - human figures that depict the dynamics between relationships and conflicts.

We continued on to the Mathias Güntner Gallery. Joachim Grommek's artworks deceive the eye into believing they are real, attempting to convey an approximation of life.

The Inga Kondeyne/Wichtendahl Galerie presented works by Hanns Schimansky, whose graphic language is abstraction. There were also works by Mats Bergquist. His extraordinarily quiet objects are intended to offer a projection surface for the invisible but tangible.

Last but not least, a visit to Galerie Kornfeld was on the agenda. Here there were paintings without names by the Berlin-based artist Tammam Azzam. Contemporary paintings full of emotion that bear witness to the healing power of art.

In addition to the stimulating conversations on the walk, this format is always characterized by the very knowledgeable mediation by Anne Schwarz.

All pictures of the Charlottenwalk can be found here "

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