Lufthansa boss as a guest at the VBKI

Lufthansa boss as a guest at the VBKI

Carsten Spohr meets with top executives at the VBKI

Text: Sebastian Thomas | Head of Communication and Marketing VBKI


A select location, a special guest: Carsten Spohr has been at the helm of Deutsche Lufthansa since 2014, and as part of the "Round Table" format, the top manager met with a group of top executives for lunch at the China Club. After being welcomed by VBKI President Markus Voigt and a brief round of introductions of all 20 guests gathered around the table, the CEO gave a speech on the topic of "Lufthansa's current situation and the outlook for German aviation". The trained pilot was then available to answer questions over Asian cuisine - cod, duck roast and poached pak choi were served. The topics discussed ranged from Lufthansa's sustainability efforts to the situation of the Crane Line in global competition and the situation in Berlin as an aviation location.


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