VBKI | Mentoring - Program kick-off

It's a match

VBKI | Mentoring - Program kick-off

Text: Britta Posner and Sebastian Thomas

Starting signal for the third edition of the VBKI | Mentoring: 30 pairs - each consisting of a mentor and a mentee - met in the Goldberger Hall of the VBKI to kick off the program. There was a great deal of interest in the run-up to the event; not all interested parties could be placed, but are on the waiting list for the next edition of the program.

It's a match - that's the quintessence of the big get-together. The successful kick-off is primarily thanks to Britta Posner from the Expedition Future" committeecommittee, who - together with her fellow campaigners - not only initiated the program on a voluntary basis, but was also in charge of it. In particular, the well-considered matching based on questionnaires and the clear definition and communication of the program's objectives and framework conditions not only ensured an entertaining start, but also a promising course of discussions at the first meetings - with added value and benefits for everyone involved.

Or, to put it in the words of an alumnus: "If both really want to, something wonderful can happen for both sides". In short, it was an evening full of energy and intensive discussions. We wish all tandems enriching insights for the coming months - and of course lots of fun!


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