Mentoring program celebrates mountain festival

Mentoring program celebrates mountain festival

Tandems start the second half with vigor


Half time! In mid-June, the time had finally come: we were able to celebrate the halfway point of this year's mentoring program and at the same time start the second part of our program with great enthusiasm.

In the Goldbergersaal, mentors and mentees took the opportunity to get to know each other better, exchange ideas and inspire each other until late in the evening. In an atmosphere of trust, all participants reviewed the first half of the program. There was unanimous agreement that everyone present, whether mentor or mentee, had gained a lot of valuable information from the discussions - both from a professional and personal perspective.

We will follow the resulting desire for an active mentoring community and build on this in our second half. We are already looking forward to our next reunion and further intensive exchange. The success of the program is primarily thanks to Britta Posner from the Expedition Future" Committeewho - together with her fellow campaigners - not only initiated the program on a voluntary basis, but is also in charge of it.

Further information on the program and registration options for the 2025 Mentoring here.

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