Art Walk in Mitte

Art Walk in Mitte

On an artistic discovery tour in the heart of Berlin

To mark the presentation of the VBKI BERLINER GALERIEN award, around 20 VBKI members went on an art walk in Mitte to get to know new art venues, inspiring artists and great gallery owners.

The starting point was the exhibition "Free Lines" by the artist Kaja el Attar in the capital city office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The tour continued to the expressive pictures made of fabric and yarn by Gudrun Leitner. In her studio in Auguststraße, she welcomed us with her first works "Van Gogh", "Gudrun-Richter - Gerhard - Leitner" and parts of her latest works. The autumnal route led the art fans further into the backyard to Galerie Poll and photographs by the award-winning artist Göran Gnaudschun and at the very end to toast the prize to gallery owner Thomas Fischer in the Mulackstraße.



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