Climate activism: don't trivialize breaches of the law

Climate activism: don't trivialize breaches of the law

VBKI calls for a clear stance from the Berlin Senate on "Last Generation"

Over the past few days, the "Last Generation" climate activist movement has once again blocked roads and highway junctions in Berlin, bringing traffic to a standstill in large parts of our city.

This affected private drivers and commercial traffic alike. Not to mention emergency services and ambulances. In addition, the radical climate protectors set off fire alarms in the Bundestag and the Ministry of Transport and damaged cultural assets.

VBKI President Markus Voigt: "These actions are serious and unacceptable violations of our legal and social order. The activists are willfully and deliberately taking thousands of Berliners hostage for their political goals."

The police are said to have initiated more than 800 criminal and misdemeanor proceedings during the last wave of blockades. So far, charges have rarely been brought. The recent actions also show that the fines imposed have little deterrent effect on the individual activists and their organization, partly because there now appears to be a broad-based funding system. From the VBKI's point of view, it is therefore all the more important to express the displeasure of the many people affected - including those in Berlin's business community - and to point out the organization's anti-democratic tendencies.

The right to demonstrate and the right to freedom of expression are indeed a valuable asset in our community. However, the exercise of these rights must of course remain within the existing legal system. The activists of the so-called "Last Generation" go far beyond this: they are not only raising their voices for a cause that is undoubtedly important and worthy of support from society as a whole. They are attacking our social order, not least by obstructing procedures in the German Bundestag, and ultimately also harming the cause.

We expect the police and judiciary to prosecute and punish these breaches of the law. The VBKI expects the Berlin Senate to take a clear and unequivocal stance on these incidents. Anyone who condones, tolerates, trivializes or relativizes these activities is damaging our free and democratic legal system. Succinct references to the independence of the judiciary are not enough. Anyone who shares the fundamental values of our society condemns the actions of this politically radical minority, which coerces and harms the vast majority.

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