"Mobility is participation"

"Mobility is participation"

Q&A lunch with VDA President Hildegard Müller

She was Federal Chairwoman of the Junge Union, Minister of State in the Chancellery for many years and held leading positions in the energy industry - since the beginning of 2020, Hildegard Müller, CDU, has been the second woman to head the Association of German Automotive Companies.

At the networking format for female managers at the VBKI - the Q&A lunch - the top manager answered questions from the 26 participants. The event was moderated by VBKI Vice President Dr. Sigrid Nikutta.

Hildegard Müller first introduced herself to those present and gave an insight into her career. The discussion then turned to the current situation and prospects of the German automotive industry. Germany's prosperity is largely based on automobile production, with 70 percent of jobs in the industry being export-dependent and 70 percent also dependent on the combustion engine. In view of the current challenges - keyword climate protection, keyword energy prices - it is important to set the course with a sense of proportion and, above all, to evaluate it from an overall perspective: "If we think climate protection, we must also think growth and prosperity," said Hildegard Müller.

According to the top manager, the German automotive industry continues to lead the field in terms of technology and innovation, but competition has become much tougher, partly because numerous new players are vying for market share. Hildegard Müller views the exploding energy costs with great concern: "If we carry on as before, we have no chance of maintaining our competitive position." She called for a raw materials strategy, an electrical strategy and independence from natural gas as an energy source.

In order to achieve the existing climate targets as planned, she said, every second car today would have to be electrically powered. It is important to understand that mobility means participation: "We have to ask people what they need and want - if we don't take them with us and motivate them, global climate protection efforts will fail." 


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