Ceremonial reception for the newcomers

Ceremonial reception for the newcomers

Welcome to the VBKI

Tradition obliges, and this applies above all to one VBKI institution: the new member reception.

In a festive setting, around 50 business personalities met at Zollhaus Rutz to make their VBKI debut at a three-course dinner with the Executive Committee and management.

Executive Committee members Dr. Andrea Grebe and Kaweh Niroomand gave an overview of the VBKI's self-image and structure. They reported on the many activities of the association and invited the new members to get involved and get involved in the VBKI - for example in the committees. The baton was then passed on and the round of introductions began. Those who could be brief had a clear advantage: everyone had exactly 60 seconds to introduce themselves and their company.

Comforting: Even after the hourglass had run out, there were plenty of opportunities to continue exchanging ideas, making contacts and expanding your network. In any case: Welcome to the VBKI!


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