Thinking modernization and expansion together

Thinking modernization and expansion together

VBKI On the road in the Buckow courtyards

Around a third of all CO₂ emissions come from the building sector. Improving energy efficiency is therefore an important lever for climate protection. At the same time, Berlin urgently needs new living space.

The state-owned housing association Gewobag showed 20 VBKI members how refurbishment and expansion can go hand in hand during a tour of the "Buckower Höfe" residential complex in the south of Neukölln, which dates back to the 1970s.

The entire residential complex will be modernized, redesigned and expanded by 2027. Some of the existing buildings will be extended by one storey. Following the demolition of an old parking garage and a single-storey row of stores, five new apartment buildings will be built. In total, 255 new rental apartments will be added to the 994 existing apartments. According to Gewobag, the project is not only a challenge in terms of construction, but also in terms of accommodating the tenants: during the renovation and expansion of the buildings, all tenants in the respective blocks will have to move out and be temporarily housed in other apartments. However, as the rents remain very affordable despite the refurbishment, the residents are happy to move several times.

The VBKI delegation was impressed by the contrast between the old buildings, some of which still had panel elements imported from the GDR, and the renovated, extended or new buildings, which led to lengthy discussions even after the official part of the tour had ended.



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