"Human-machine interaction will change permanently"  

Artificial intelligence - "Human-machine interaction will change permanently"

VBKI-Digital discusses current and future use cases in the corporate context

Text: Philip Zettl | Policy Officer


ChatGPT, Gemini, Copilot - AI is no longer new territory, almost everyone has experimented with the various tools or even uses them regularly. "Waking up in a city full of AI" - at the VBKI event with this title, we explored the question of how companies can benefit from AI at the suggestion of VBKI-Digital.

"We now encounter AI every day and everywhere," reported Lukas Lötters in his opening speech. However, according to the AI specialist from ORAYLIS, the range of services extends far beyond pure text generation. For example, artificial intelligence can help companies to maintain an overview of all internally available data and information: "Everyone knows the problem of spending a lot of time searching for a file or information in the company cloud. An AI chatbot can help here. Companies such as Bosch or the drugstore chain dm have already introduced such corporate GPTs," says Lötters.

One problem at the moment is the high development costs, especially for training the AI, which are not in proportion to the costs on the user side. For example, Google's latest AI product, Gemini, cost almost 191 million dollars. The cost of a company GPT for 100 users, on the other hand, would only be around 4,000 euros per month: "So far, only very few people are making money from the hype - especially the chip manufacturers. Nvidia's share price rose by 200 percent last year alone."

What does the future look like? According to Lötters, the AI hype and the pace of innovation will remain high. Many AI products will be integrated into MS Office or ERP products without any action on their part and will thus become a matter of course: "AI will permanently change human-computer interaction."

In the discussion that followed, the project team from VBKI-Digital introduced itself and discussed future joint projects with the guests. If you would like to participate, please contact Philipp Zettl.

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