Our Economic Policy Committee

The Economic Policy Committee deals with the challenges facing Berlin's economy. We discuss current developments and problems in the location across all sectors. At the top of the agenda: the contribution of private entrepreneurship to the current challenges we face in Berlin. The group also sees itself as a representative of the interests of the city and region.

The committee contributes its entrepreneurial expertise to the economic policy discourse. It aims to critically examine issues, opinions and decisions of particular relevance to Berlin and to provide politicians and the public with its own proposals and ideas for solutions. With its contributions and positions, it has an impact on the city and helps to shape the public economic policy agenda of the city and region. It is particularly important to him to present economic issues and tasks to society in an understandable and transparent way and to be heard by decision-makers in politics and business.

The committee meets about 4-5 times a year at the VBKI premises or at members' companies to discuss current topics. We attach great importance to interesting impulses and discussions.

"Poor but sexy was in the past - diverse, dynamic and successful is today. Our committee is the lens through which we look at Berlin and its politics."

Henner Bunde and Sabine Clausecker, Committee Chairwoman

Committee chairmanship

Henner Bunde

Former State Secretary and Consultant

Sabine Clausecker

Member of the Board