Our Sports Committee

The VBKI Sports Committee looks after the interests and concerns of the sports city of Berlin - from amateur sport to competitive sport. In doing so, we also rely on profitable cooperation between business and sport:

Since 2013, the VBKI has been working with the LSB and the GSJ to organize sports action days at Berlin schools so that children can try out different sports and learn about team spirit, performance and defeat.

Before the Olympic Games, the VBKI supports a team of competitive athletes from Berlin who are unable to make a living from their sporting successes.

In addition, we also support the athletes of the VBKI team in the long term with our Startblock program: as part of the VBKI network, we provide contacts and contacts to support the team members, for example in the transition from their sporting to their professional career.

In addition, the topic of major sporting events in Berlin is particularly close to our hearts. We are convinced that the Special Olympics World Games, which the VBKI supported as an Institutional Partner, have shown that Berlin can host the Olympic and Paralympic Games!

"Sport and business have a lot to do with each other. The VBKI Sports Committee is a wonderful platform to promote the important exchange between the two worlds."

Sebastian Rüß, Chairman of the Committee

Committee chairmanship

Nadine Lais

Managing Director
ETL Service GmbH

Sebastian Rüß

Managing Director
Velomax Berlin Hallenbetriebs GmbH