Founded in 1879, Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller e.V. (VBKI) is one of the oldest economic institutions in Germany. With its 2,300 members, the association is one of the most important networks in Berlin's business community.

Helping to shape and advance Berlin


We want to help shape and advance Berlin. We do this in different ways and in a variety of ways. We bring Berlin's decision-makers together in our strong and wide-ranging network. We create space for the exchange of contacts, experiences and ideas. We support a large number of charitable projects and, through this commitment, act as a pacemaker for an even more liveable city of tomorrow.


Looking to the future


We also have an eye on the future when we make the accumulated experience of our association available to the general public. Leaders from business, politics and society pool their expertise in a large number of committees and working groups. These small think tanks produce substantial answers to the question of how the city and region can respond to current and future challenges.


Partner to politics and the public


We see ourselves as a partner to politicians and the public. At more than 100 public events a year, we discuss the results of our work and promote the exchange of ideas together with the brightest minds. Over the years, we have developed into an important forum for Berlin.

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